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Client Support Services

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For local authorities 

We understand the financial pressures on local authorities, and we are experienced in delivering cost-effective services that will reduce your rate of sickness absence. Employees off work through sickness are a financial drain on local authorities, which is why we make reducing sickness absence the top priority when delivering our services. 
For our existing council clients we use a team comprising Specialist Practitioners, OH Physiotherapists, Consultant Physicians and mental health specialists to deal with the high numbers of staff referred to us with musculoskeletal disorders or mental health issues. 
Our Consultant Physicians are experienced in handling applications for ill-health retirement from local authority employees and teachers. 

For universities and colleges 

We will provide pre-enrolment questionnaires devised for your specific courses by our Medical Adviser (a member of HEOPS - Higher Education Occupational Health Physicians Practitioners). We have devised questionnaires (all available online) for nursing, midwifery, speech and language therapy, radiography, occupational therapy, and other healthcare students, as well as trainee primary and secondary school teachers. 

For universities enrolling healthcare students, we are highly experienced in organising large screening and vaccination clinics for new students (up to 900 new students each September for one of our clients). With most students requiring a blood test, a course of three hepatitis B vaccinations, followed by another blood test, this is not a task that we would recommend you give to the uninitiated. 

We use a team of highly experienced OH nurses, practice nurses and phlebotomists to ensure that each and every student is screened and vaccinated safely. 

Our role doesn’t end there, however. In addition to encountering medical problems, some students can suffer mental health problems, ranging from general work and study-related stress to more serious complaints. For our university and college clients, we have available consultant psychiatrists available to see these students, as wll as our team of OH Nurse Advisers and Occupational Health Physicians. 

For private sector clients 

Whatever the nature of your business, we can streamline your recruitment processes by devising tailor-made online health questionnaires for your new recruits, bringing an end to your dependence on paper questionnaires. We will ensure that each questionnaire is compliant with the Equality Act. Your Human Resources or recruitment team will have 24-hour-a day access to our website where they can see which candidate is cleared to start work, and which might need to attend a post-offer health assessment with one of our Specialist Practitioners or Consultant Physicians. 

Our skilled team of Nurses and Technicians can meet all your health surveillance needs, providing testing in spirometry, audiometry, hand-arm vibration as well as many types of specialist health surveillance for those working in the scientific sector. In many cases our peripatetic nurses and technicians can visit your employees on-site, thus keeping disruption to the working day to a minimum. 

We can advise you on which workplace vaccinations are needed by your employees and can deliver these on-site or at our offices. 

There will be times when your employees have health problems that impact their ability to work. We can offer you an efficient management referral system that means your staff will be offered appointments within days with the appropriate member of our clinical team, whether it be a Specialist Practitioner, Consultant Physician, OH Physiotherapist or Mental Health specialist. After the appointment, the manager will receive a report giving clear advice within 48 hours and in most cases within 24 hours. Where the employee being referred is currently off work, the report will include a Return To Work Plan. 

We have an experienced team of Consultant Physicians who are qualified to make ill-health retirement assessments. 

For not-for-profit organisations 

We are experienced providers of OH services to not-for-profit organisations such as social housing associations and hospices. We can offer a value-for-money range of services, including immunisations, health surveillance, post-offer health assessments, online health questionnaires, management referrals and much more. 

Peripatetic services 

For some years we have been providing a peripatetic screening and vaccination service for some NHS clients. This involves our nurses travelling to dental practices across London and Kent to undertake blood tests and vaccinations. Our clients find this service is much more convenient than their staff having to travel to an offsite occupational health office, as it means their time away from work is greatly reduced. 

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