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Pay as you go

If you need quick and convenient access to specialist Occupational Health advice for work-related matters, our pay-as-you-go service offers a seamless and efficient way to get the expert guidance you need.  All referrals are carefully reviewed by senior clinical staff to ensure you receive the most appropriate support, tailored to your specific needs.

This is a service for small and medium employers that do not want a contract but would like a pay as you go service.  This can be particularly helpful for managing work-related health issues and ensuring compliance with The Equality Act 2010.

The industries we support with management referrals include all Corporate entities, Healthcare, Local Authorities, Dental Surgeries, Universities, Construction and Offshore Medicals.

We cover Mental health assessments, Musculoskeletal conditions, Physiotherapy, Stress and Absence Management


UK Assessments

60-minute Referral with an OHWorks Advisor (telephone/video) - £290.00

60-mintue Referral with an OHWorks Physician (telephone/video) - £450.00

Should a review be required after initial consultation:

30-minute Review with an OHWorks Advisor (telephone/video) - £200.00

30-minute Review with an OHWorks Physician (telephone/video) - £340.00

Pre-employment Questionnaire - £40.00

Needlestick Risk Assessment - £95.00



Measles Antibody - £60.00

Rubella Antibody - £60.00

Varicella Antibody - £60.00

Hepatitis B Surface Antibody - £60.00

Hepatitis B Core Antibody - £55.00

Hepatitis B Surface Antigen - £60.00

HIV Blood Test - £49.00

Hepatitis C Antibody - £60.00

Serum Save - £55.00

T Spot/QuantiFERON Blood Test - £110

EPP Blood Test All - £169

Scar Check - £15



MMR vaccine (course of 2) - £65.00 per dose

Varicella vaccine (course of 2) - £90.00 per dose

Hepatitis B vaccine (course of 3) - £65.00 per dose

Mantoux Test - £50.00

BCG vaccine - £60.00

Influenza per dose £45.00 (flu jab)

Pertussis - £80.00

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