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Stress is the most significant reason for absence and reduced productivity.  
We strongly recommend adding a mental health specialist to the occupational health team. Their training and experience gives immediate support and guidance to employees and authoritative advice to managers on employment implications.
We also carry out comprehensive stress audits and advise on organisational solutions.
We train managers in how best to meet their responsibilities under the HSE’s Management of Work-Related Stress Standards and how to undertake risk assessments.
We also hold training sessions for employees in the prevention, recognition and self-help management
of stress.
We can perform individual employee stress assessments: a voluntary internet-based stress check – with automatic follow-up of those most at risk.
Return-to-work therapy
Early intervention is crucial to speedy recovery in psychological ill-health – whether work-related or not.
Mental health triage
On-site mental health triage enables us to see employees quickly, referring them on to professional services where appropriate, to the OH ohysician for more definitive advice or back to work where illness behaviours is the central issue.  
Stress was to blame for 13.5 million lost working days in the UK in 2007/08, making it the number one cause of absence from work.
Source: Health and Safety Statistics 2007/08
Stress management
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